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22 - 23 OCTOBER 2024


Tanzania signs deals with DP World to operate Dar es Salaam port berths for 30 years

In the heart of Tanzania's bustling trade and commerce, the historic Dar es Salaam Port is poised for a transformation of epic proportions. DP World, the globally renowned ports operator, has signed a 30-year concession agreement to operate and revitalize this vital gateway to the world.

The partnership between DP World and the Tanzania Ports Authority marks a pivotal moment in the nation's development. DP World is set to invest an initial $250 million in the first phase of a multiphase project, with the potential for that investment to skyrocket to $1 billion over the concession period. This venture goes beyond port upgrades; it includes the creation of temperature-controlled storage facilities and a dedicated economic zone.

Connecting East and Southern Africa to the World

Dar es Salaam Port, a versatile hub for cargo handling, will play a pivotal role in bridging East and Southern Africa with the global marketplace. It's a strategic move to meet the surging trade demands of these regions and foster economic growth.

But this ambitious vision doesn't end at the port. DP World has committed to extending its efforts into the sub-Saharan hinterland by developing a network of roads, highways, railways, and dedicated freight corridors. This infrastructure enhancement is poised to support the growing need for logistics solutions across the continent, opening doors to global markets and endless business possibilities.

As the port's efficiency is enhanced, it's anticipated to attract more shipping lines and larger vessels, ultimately reducing freight costs for importers and exporters across Tanzania. A stronger port means more business, more jobs, and a stronger Tanzanian economy.

This initiative not only underscores Tanzania's commitment to economic prosperity but also strengthens Dar es Salaam's role as the maritime gateway for green energy metals from the copper belt in Southern-Central Africa. The possibilities are endless, and this strategic move places Tanzania firmly on the global trade map.

As we continue to shine a light on the top sectors for investment and bring you stories of successful business ventures in Tanzania, the DP World concession agreement with Dar es Salaam Port stands as a testament to the boundless potential this nation holds.

Stay with us on this journey of discovery as we unveil the wealth of opportunities that Tanzania offers, from thriving businesses to investment prospects, and everything in between. We are your trusted source for navigating the dynamic and vibrant landscape of Tanzanian commerce.

Keep exploring with Discovering Tanzania for the latest news and insights into the country's business and investment world.

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